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Crafting photographic equine portraits as unique as you are. To get you started, download the 'Ultimate Equine Photoshoot Prep-List' - it's the must-have secret weapon when preparing for your dream photoshoot. Packed with my insider tips on preparing your horse and getting the most out of your photoshoot experience.

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welcome to Flo Knoyle Photography, this is my promise to you:

  • Uniquely You: Looking for something a 'bit different?'. I will ensure the unique spirit of you and your equine partner is front and centre.

  • You Do You: With me, you’ll never have to fit a mold. Vivienne Westwood vibes with a hint of equestrian fashion? Bring it. Gothic rock chick with a splash of luxury? Let’s do it. Here, you’re not just seen; you’re celebrated.

  • Overcome Photoshoot Anxiety: You can look forward to a guided, stress-free photo session tailored just for you. It's my passion to create a safe space where all equestrians, regardless of the hurdles you might face, feel seen, empowered, and absolutely stunning. 

  • Heart & Horse: Our bonds with our Heart Horses are transformative. I don’t just capture a moment; I immortalise that legacy. I help you celebrate every challenge, every victory, every tear, and every battle you have overcome together.

  • Your Piece of Mind: My 100% Money Back Guarantee ensures your satisfaction. Plus, seize the opportunity to pay at your pace with a hassle-free, interest-free instalment plan. Your dream equine portrait photoshoot awaits - no compromise needed.


"i'm so used to hating how i look and picking myself apart, but the photoshoot with flo made me think; actually ... i'm alright you know. and i felt beautiful at a time i needed reminding things would be ok."


Do you ever feel misunderstood, like you don't quite fit in, or even that you and your horse's personality aren't quite captured in photographs? As someone who has faced bullying and felt the sting of being different, I deeply understand this frustration. Many equine portraits fail to grasp the depth and dynamism of your unique relationship, leaving you with images that feel hollow and inauthentic.


Here at Flo Knoyle Photography, I don't only recognise this, but celebrate your individuality. Where my own journey has been shaped by overcoming adversity and embracing uniqueness; I am committed to capturing portraits that TRULY encapsulate the strength, essence, and all of the quirks of YOUR bond.


Begin this empowering journey with my ‘Ultimate Equine Photoshoot Prep-List’ PDF download. Filled with insider tips on styling, preparing your horse, and embracing your distinctiveness, this guide is the first step towards immortalising the untamed beauty of your equine partnership in a way that celebrates the true you.

unsure of what your equine photoshoot aesthetic, Style, or vibe is? take the Quiz Below...


how do i book my photoshoot?

All you need to do is fill out this form and send over your £75 deposit to kick-start your booking process. This will secure you a guaranteed space in my diary. We can then begin the exciting process of planning your dream photoshoot! This is when you choose your photography collection and all of the other exciting bits!

The remaining balance must be cleared no later than 24 hours before the date of your photoshoot - this can be paid via payment plan/through instalments!


how do i prepare for my photoshoot?


If you would like a free PDF outlining how to prepare for your photoshoot, pop me an email and I will send this over to you! 

I am also more than happy to offer additional advice about clothing/outfit choices, hair/make-up, and of course the turnout of your horse.


what happens after my photoshoot?


I will sort through and hand edit your images, which all take about 4-6 weeks. After this time, they will be ready for a personal viewing in which you can view the entire gallery. This is the exciting part where you choose your favourite images! We can also again discuss how you would like them printed and presented. If you are a long distance away from me, you can opt to have your images uploaded to a private on-line gallery and we can discuss your order and chosen images over the phone.


do you cover the whole uk?


Yes, I travel anywhere in the UK for a Photoshoot! Fuel is charged at 45p per mile for the round-trip. This can be split if there is more than one photoshoot within a certain area!


what is equine photography?


Equine Photography is what it says on the tin! It is the art of capturing a horse and/or anything equine related through the skill of photography. Most Equine Photographers specialise in either Equine 'Portrait Photography' (which is what I specialise in) , or Equine 'Sport' Photography. Some Equine Photographers  do both!


do i have to be in the images?


Nope! If you are looking for just a portrait of your beautiful horse, that is something that can absolutely be arranged. I regularly photograph horse without their owners, it is all down to personal taste!


i do not have access to a nice location, is it still worth investing in a photoshoot?


Absolutely. With a bit of imagination, most locations are suitable for photo-shoots, so long as they are safe and you have the permission to be there. Local woodland or a country estate, for example, give wonderful backdrops for your images. Alternatively, your stable and yard blocks can often make for interesting image. I also often just photograph horses at liberty in their own fields!


are you just an equine photographer?


I specialise in Equine Portrait Photography as horses have a special place in my heart. I am however more than happy and equipped to capture images of your dog, cat, sheep, pig, hamster, cow - you name it. 

And yes, I photograph Weddings! have a separate website for my professional Wedding Photography.

I also photograph families. actor's headshots, and interior design. Pop me an email if you would like more information on this.

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