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Fierce, Unapologetic, and Grateful Equine Photographer - Equestrian Business Awards Finalist

STILL SHOCKED. It's with immense pride, (more shock), and gratitude that I share some incredible news with you all… I’ve been named a finalist for Photographer of the Year at the Equestrian Business Awards 2024! Still cannot quite believe it!

Being one of the finalists among over 16,000 nominations nationwide is a surreal honour. For those who are not familiar, The Equestrian Business Awards celebrates those businesses who embody excellence, innovation, and dedication to the equestrian community. I am so incredibly incredibly grateful to everyone that nominated me, and my friends, family, and clients that have supported me along the way.

I wanted to be honest, open, and share my journey to this moment with you all. Just so you know how much this means to me. I don’t want to babble, so I will try and summarise it for you!

My Journey

My equine photography journey began with a love for horses and a passion for art and, painting, and drawing. Although growing up, I was often bullied for being ‘a bit different’, for not fitting into the equestrian community, I also experienced this at school! The relentless criticism and nasty comments chipped away at my self-esteem over the years, leading to battles with depression and severe imposter syndrome that haunted me into adulthood. These struggles eventually impacted not just my personal life but also my business, making it difficult to see the value in my work.

As you know from the previous blog post, my this journey has also been shaped by overcoming narcissistic abuse. This was a horrible time of my life - I won’t bore you with the details again! (click here to read about it) Experiencing this has fortified my resilience and deepened my empathy.

The period following the Covid-19 pandemic was a very dark chapter of my life. A debilitating back injury left me unable to work, ride horses, or even walk properly … let alone pick up a camera. My mental health spiralled, financial instability followed, and I found myself pretty much homeless, contemplating giving up my horses to charity and selling all of my camera equipment. It was rock bottom. I realised though that my horses were my lifeline - the one constant that kept me going. Through the next year, I fought to reclaim my life and my passion and become the equine photographer I wanted to be. I managed to start riding again and gave myself one huuuuuge kick up the bum to drag myself out of that hole.

And here we are.

Resilience and Individuality - THANK YOU

These experiences have infused my work with a sense of empowerment and healing, transforming each photoshoot into a celebration of inner strength. At Flo Knoyle Photography, every session is more than capturing gorgeous images; it’s about creating a safe space for my clients to embrace their authenticity and celebrate their unique bond with their horses.

My photographic style breaks away from traditional equestrian norms, resonating with equestrians who dare to be different. Each photoshoot is an empowering experience, fostering a supportive environment where clients can express their true selves without fear of judgment. My own struggles have equipped me with a profound understanding of the challenges many face, making each session a heartfelt celebration of resilience, authenticity, and individuality - and a celebration of the horses who heal us.

I am honestly so overwhelmed with gratitude. To my clients, friends, family, and every single supporter who has believed in me even when I doubted myself - thank you.

Regardless of the outcome, I already feel like a winner because of the incredible journey and the amazing people I’ve met along the way.

To my clients, thank you for trusting me to capture the essence of your beloved horses and for allowing me to share your special moments. Your stories and connections with your horses have inspired me and fuelled my passion.

To my friends and family, thank you for your constant encouragement and for lifting me up when I needed it the most. Your belief in me gave me the strength to keep going when the road was incredibly rough (you know who you are).

And to every single person who has followed, liked, commented, shared, or simply cheered me on from afar - your support means the world to me. It’s because of you that I am standing here today.

Thank you for being a part of my story.

Woman in beautiful orange dress walking across a field with a black horse

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